Antique Fire Truck and Vintage Vehicle Rides at The Nantucket Hotel

Experience a fun-filled ride at our Nantucket Hotel aboard one of our whimsical antique vehicles.

The Nantucket Hotel is the proud owner of two authentic antique vehicles, which are located on-site for your enjoyment. These vehicles are utilized to transport our guests around Nantucket Island, year-round. They are also exclusively available for any wedding parties staying at our Nantucket Resort (i.e. they can be used for transportation to-and-from ceremonies at Brant Point Lighthouse or on the beach).

The vehicles consist of a restored 1946 antique fire truck, which is fun for all ages, and used to bring guests to-and-from both Jetties and Surfside Beaches (in-season). We also own a 1934 bus…This antique vehicle is a gem and is used to transport guests to-and-from the high-speed ferries in Downtown Nantucket.


For more information about using our antique vehicles for your wedding party, please contact our Wedding and Events Manager, Rachel Dodson at 508-310-7823 or via e-mail.