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Visit our Sister Resorts
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Nantucket's Grand Year-Round Hotel & Resort

An iconic hotel isn’t  just defined by a storied past. It’s not solely shaped by the comfort of its accommodation, the quality of its food, or the experience of its team. These make a good hotel, but warmth of personality and generosity of spirit is what make a hotel iconic. 

In 2012 we inherited a century-old Nantucket tradition, and all the responsibility that came with it. Keeping that special spirit alive and sharing it with new and old guests delights and motivates us every day.

As Nantucket’s only year-round hotel, and one of its oldest, The Nantucket Hotel is a place defined by traditions, both new and old, that redefine island hospitality and bring our guests back, year after year, to this special place on this special island where the magic never seems to run out. So come join us and experience it with us. 

Welcome to The Nantucket Hotel!

Owners of The Nantucket Hotel

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