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Who We Are

An iconic hotel isn’t  just defined by a storied past nor solely shaped by the comfort of its accommodation, the quality of its food, or the experience of its team. These make a good hotel, but warmth of personality and generosity of spirit is what makes a hotel iconic. 

In 2012 we inherited a century-old Nantucket tradition, and all the responsibility that came with it. Keeping that special spirit alive and sharing it with new and old guests delights and motivates us every day.

As Nantucket’s only year-round hotel, and one of its most storied, The Nantucket Hotel is a place defined by traditions, both new and old, that redefines island hospitality and brings our guests back, year after year. Nantucket is a special place where the magic never seems to run out.

Welcome to Nantucket!




The Point Breeze

In 1888, Charles F. Folger of Philadelphia purchased the former Elijah Alley house on Easton Street, just north of the main village of Nantucket. Folger hired carpenter Edwin R. Smith to design and build a new grand hotel for summer residents of Nantucket. Originally named the Point Breeze Hotel, the grand resort opened in the summer of 1891. The Queen Anne style hotel contained forty sleeping apartments in the upper floors and was dominated by a corner tower with billiards rooms and a bowling alley in the raised brick basement.




Business was booming, and by the early 20th century, Bracey Curtis, a new owner, expanded the hotel adding the east wing in the Colonial Revival style.




In August 1925, a fire destroyed the original Point Breeze Hotel, leaving just the newer East Wing. By this time, the days of the grand, wooden hotels was coming to a close. The Worth family owned and operated the hotel for a period of time and then The Nantucket Institution for Savings acquired the hotel during the Great Depression.



Gordon Folger Redux

In 1936 Gordon Folger Jr., grandson of the Point Breeze’s original proprietor, Charles F. Folger, purchased the hotel from the bank and renamed it after himself, as the Gordon Folger Hotel. Today’s ballroom was used by the then Nantucket Whaler’s basketball team during the 1930’s as their home base. The Folger’s would turn on room lights during the lean WW 11 years to look like there was business.



Bowman Family Ownership

The Bowman family, owners at that time of the Wauwinet Hotel on Nantucket, purchased the Gordon Folger Hotel and operated it as an affordable, seasonal establishment on Nantucket.



Gonella Family Ownership

The Bowman’s sold the hotel to the Gonnella family who operated it until 2005. The hotel was then sold to a developer who started the process to convert the building to a luxury condominium/club. The project was shut down during the Great Financial Crises of 2009 and the hotel was re-possessed by TD bank and the building sat unused and unfinished for many years.

2012 – Present

2012 – Present

Icon Reimagined

The Snider family purchased the hotel in December 2011, and after an ambitious effort, re-opened the hotel six months later (on June 30, 2012) as a fully restored, year-round grand hotel for Nantucket. It is the only surviving 19th century shingle style hotel on the island, proudly showcasing its iconic corner tower from the hotel’s inception in 1891. In 2012 the hotel was renamed The Nantucket Hotel & Resort (The Nantucket). The hotel is lavish inside and out, providing guests with a sense of home, hospitality and 21st century comfort.

Our Team

Our award-winning team is our secret ingredient. Since 2012, we’ve built a team of  that puts hospitality first and creates the special touches that make a stay at The Nantucket Hotel a memorable experience. 

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The Concierge Peeps
The Concierge Squad
Nantucket Family

Our Family


Little Gem Resorts is a family affair.  Mark first arrived on Nantucket as a child with his family in the mid 1960’s.  It started a love affair with the island that culminated with the Snider’s purchase of The Nantucket Hotel in 2011.  The Nantucket Hotel has been fully restored to carry on its role as Nantucket’s grand and iconic last shingle style 19th century hotel offering a tradition of quality and great hospitality into the 21st century.

Our Resorts

3 Unique Islands

St. John
US Virgin Islands

Located on a private island just 10 minutes by boat from St. John and St. Thomas, Lovango Resort & Beach Club is the USVI’s newest resort. 


Steps from the cobbled streets of historic downtown, The Nantucket Hotel is the last of the island’s grand 19th century resorts, fully restored in 2012 for its next 100 years of island fun. 

South Beach
Martha's Vineyard

Located on South Beach in Edgartown’s Katama neighborhood, the Winnetu Oceanside Resort is a timeless summer resort filled with old-fashioned Martha’s Vineyard fun. 

Welcome to The Nantucket Hotel!

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