About Nantucket Island

The Magic of Escapism.

Most visitors first experience Nantucket from a boat’s deck as they round Brant Point. With great anticipation, the view of Nantucket Town is spectacular. A National Historic Landmark, the Town consists of more than 800 buildings that were built before the Civil War; a living testament to the great wealth “Nantucketers” earned from being at the center of the whaling industry.  This history permeates the Island, but it is a living history, not a museum. Today, Nantucket is home to over 10,000 year-round residents and 50,000 seasonal residents.

There are so many simple pleasures to partake of on Nantucket. Whether it’s sailing, fishing, swimming, beach bumming, bicycle riding, sampling fine restaurants, shopping,  or enjoying live theater, museums, parades, pageants, fireworks, tennis or golf, Nantucket offers them all – and then some.

The Light Breezes and Gentle Fog of early Nantucket Mornings…

On Nantucket, there’s always a nice, comfortable breeze and the morning fog is a welcome companion on a bike ride to the beach. A seagull’s call, the ferry’s whistle as it leaves the harbor, the surf’s roar, and your family’s laughter are among the many joyous sounds that will call you to the Island year after year and Nantucket will enter your heart as it has for many generations of visitors.