Complimentary Parking at The Nantucket Hotel & Resort

I’m transporting my car to Nantucket or renting one when I’m there. How do I pre-reserve parking?

Parking spaces are limited in downtown Nantucket,  as well as at The Nantucket Hotel & Resort. We do offer limited parking spaces for our guests, which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please notify us in advance of the day(s) you wish to reserve a car space. There isn’t any charge for signing up for a parking space. However, if you don’t notify us in advance, space will not be available for your car at The Nantucket Hotel & Resort! We will notify you upon receipt of your request if space is NOT available for car parking. Thank you for your advance planning and cooperation!

Please Note: If you are arriving at The Nantucket Hotel within the next 72 hours, please DO NOT pre-order your activities online. Instead, call our Reservations Office at (866) 807-6011 (toll-free USA only) or (508) 310-1734 and your order will be processed directly over the phone. Thank you.

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